Golden Star Enterprises completed the acquisition of Enigmai, an Israeli tech company that specializes in the Workforce Management space, as its new subsidiary. Enigmai was established in 2009 and developed a comprehensive workforce management system that enables large organizations to better manage their employees’ schedules and save money by providing a state-of-the-art management tool. The Workforce Management (WFM) system is critical to any organization that manages employees’ shifts. It is even more critical since many people work remotely, with employees distributed between various locations including their home office. Enigmai’s offering is holistic as it offers an end-to-end solution that integrates with existing systems used by an organization.

Market Potential

  • There are 60,850 contact centres (with over 10 seats) in North America with 3.3 million agent positions
  • the North American Contact centre industry is valued at $28 billion dollars per annum. 30%of that ($8.4 billion) represents outsourced activity
  • Almost one in ten Contact Centres are still using either pen and paper or whiteboards to schedule staff
  • 33% of the call centres are generating revenue less than 500 Million Dollars
  • the Five largest call centres in the US employs 40,000-47,000 employees

Importance of WFM in Call Centre's Growth

Smart WFM can add consistency and efficiency -reducing customer waiting time to CSR's

growing call centre needs a strong WFM to support their activity

Effective WFM will Decrease Labor Cost and Increase Labor Availability

Advanced WFM Enables Distributed Call Centres and Remotely working CSR's = Increasing LaborAvailability

More than 30% of Medium and Large Companies are Not Happy with their WFM - Significant Market Opportunity

Managing Call Centres Made Easy

Providing Better service by assigning the right people with the right skills to the right shifts

The Solution - EBS System by Enigmai

AI-Enabled Work Force Management System Providing Top to Bottom Solution for Every Role in the Organization

What makes our solution better:

  • Real-Time data analysis - Highlight and Prevent Scheduling Gaps
  • Optimizing Manpower Scheduling - Decrease Overtime and Save $$$
  • Smart Alerts - Get Relevant Data and Make the Right Decisions Process
  • Manpower Changes & Requests - Allows CSR's to take part in the scheduling process

Enigmai EBS - Main Features

AI-Driven Forecasting - the heart of the planning process

  • EBS provides an accurate forecast that translates to optimized shifts and manpower

Scheduling using advanced AI Technology

  • takes into consideration employee preference, shift exchange requests
  • create schedules within seconds taking into account employee skills and company rules

Real-Time Call Center Management

  • connects to the organization Active Directory
  • break management
  • integration with the organization CTI
  • Real-Time Reporting and Dashboards

ROI - Get Your Money Back in One Year

Our Clients

Isracard - among the largest Credit Card companies in Israel

Clal - One of the largest Insurance companies in Israel

Our Management

Eital Muskal - VP Strategy & Business Development

For the past two decades, Mrs. Muskal navigated her career as a lawyer and a senior business strategy specialist while assuming increased responsibilities and higher-level roles through different industries.

She holds an L.L.B degree and was the founder of a boutique law firm specializing in immigration and relocation processes where she developed complex business models to support Israeli companies in their expansion to North America.

Since 2013, Mrs. Muskal held positions as a strategy executive leading and implementing corporate growth initiatives. She led the execution of business development plans for corporations in the private sector.

Louis Shefsky - President (GSPT)

Louis is an entrepreneur and business executive with over 35 years of experience in the public markets. His years of experience and expertise help him connect tech startups with the right investors, so you can leverage an investor relationship that meets your needs and those of your investors.

Eliav Kling - CEO (GSPT)

Eliav is an entrepreneur, business developer, and real estate investor with over 25 years of experience in the tech industry and business world. His years of experience and expertise in the corporate IT world is where he sharpened his analytical skills, crisis management, and remote team management